Annie Davies - Musician and Holistic Therapist


Annie trained as an Occupational Therapist, choosing Psychiatry as her specialization and has worked in both the UK and New Zealand in the field of mental health. Within this field Annie has worked alongside people who have experienced severe emotional disruption to their lives, encouraging them to set and achieve goals in order to plan a better way forward for the future.

Annie first came across Complementary Therapies in New Zealand in the seventies after experiencing personal health challenges which were alleviated and then resolved through complementary approaches.

This way forward opened new avenues of thinking for Annie and began a learning curve where she read about and trained in several complementary approaches.

The 2 approaches which resonate with her and meld well with her Occupational Therapy skills are:-

1. “Reiki” - achieved Level 1 and 2 with Reiki Master Mari Hall (founder and director of the International Association of Reiki and author of Practical Reiki, Reiki for Common Ailments, and Reiki for the Soul) - Glastonbury in 1989.

During Reiki the therapist channels healing energy through their hands to bring about balance in the body of the client. No effort is required on the part of the client or therapist for this to be achieved and the resulting harmony within the body can alleviate both physical and emotional distress.

2.“Release Work” - learnt from Roger LaChance (psychotherapist/hypnotherapist from Arizona) who developed the approach. -Norway in 1992.

Release Work (where independent research has substantiated a high percentage of positive outcomes) can be a way to quickly and painlessly release any emotional debris collected when experiencing traumatic life events. The approach is safe and fast following which people can often discover new pathways for their lives where they had previously been held back by fears and past failures.


For the 12 years prior to her return to the UK Annie had been working as a manager in mental health service delivery in both the UK and New Zealand and returned to the UK following the earthquakes in Christchurch in 2011.

Annie works at present in private practice in Stratford upon Avon.

She sees this change in lifestyle as a reflection of experiences that many people encounter in life when sudden loss and bereavement on all different levels undermine expectations. This has necessitated a total re-think of what is important in her life and special to her, and by building on possibilities to start afresh with new perspectives and horizons - and to re-launch "Life-Raft" in the UK.

As a jazz musician, Annie was stimulated to investigate the effect that sound and the voice has energetically on both the body and mind, and led her to design and deliver voice workshops called “Sing Your Heart Out” in not only the Czech Republic but also Holland, Norway, and the UK.

Annie continues to play her music in many situations where the ambiance she creates enhances the enjoyment experienced in restaurants as well as special occasions. More...

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