Annie Davies - Life-Raft

"I first came across Annie as a Reiki therapist at the Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford upon Avon, shortly before my wife Jenny died of leukaemia earlier this year. She treated me again in the immediate aftermath of Jenny's death and helped me move from being a shuddering wreck towards being able to face the future. The Release Work she did with me when I saw her privately was quite extraordinary and continues to be so. I am not sure I would still be here without her - she has helped me, and continues to help me, deal with my grief and despair and be able both to look forward with hope and back with joy and gratitude for my thirty year 'great love.' Annie has magic in her hands, and great wisdom. I will always be grateful I found her when I did - but then, I don't believe in coincidences."

Shaun McKenna - Scriptwriter & Lyricist - TV, radio, theatre, musical theatre: Original work, adaptations, arena productions
June 2014


Annie believes that everyone we meet and everything that significantly impacts on our thinking and emotions, whether it is read, heard, seen or experienced first hand, colours and creates our identity and makes us into a unique individual.

She endeavours through all aspects of her work to connect people with the unique person that they truly are. To celebrate their talents and to build on their achievements, focusing on hopes and dreams to create the lifestyle to which they aspire.

Putting it all together

Annie decided it was the right time to put all her skills and talents together to form the exclusive approach she calls "Life-Raft".

She believes that "Life-Raft" provides an opportunity for a person:-

  • To climb out of the chaos of their life and obtain a wider view of opportunities ahead.
  • To look around for the direction that best fits their hopes for the future
  • To plan their pathway forward - establishing appropriate goals with flexibility to adapt their approach when beneficial opportunities occur.
Annie offers individual sessions to support people to identify and achieve their chosen goals.
  • During the initial appointment Annie carries out a simple assessment before discussing a treatment plan with the client. This may result in the client choosing to have just Reiki sessions, life coaching/Occupational Therapy or a combination of approaches depending on need.
  • After the initial session further regular sessions can be booked to suit the needs of the client.

Annie also offers days of adventure, self-discovery and fun called "Sing Your Heart Out"

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