Annie Davies - Sing Your Heart Out

annie singing

Have you ever “Sung Your Heart Out” when standing in the shower or driving the car? - It feels pretty amazing!

l know we have been taught that everything in the Universe including bone, muscles and nerves vibrate to a different frequency. When all the systems vibrate in harmony it is easier for the body energy to flow and us to obtain a feel good factor. This doesn’t mean a lot until you can experience it!

My belief is that we have the perfect tool to vibrate/tune up our body – our voice.

We don’t have to remember to pack it in our bag – it is always there. Yet we are sometimes afraid to use our “Shower voice” in front of others in case they are not admiring, and for ourselves, our voice doesn’t match up to our expectations.

What a shame!!

Forget everyone else and do this for yourself!!

Come and have a bit of an adventure! Come and “Sing Your Heart Out” for a day and watch what happens! This will be an exciting day not only for people who can sing but also for those who think they can’t sing – in or out of tune!

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Annie Davies is a master teacher, therapist, healer, and jazz musician renowned in Europe and New Zealand for her work in the joy of singing and releasing your creative spirit.