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Annie Davies - Testimonials

'Annie is a most creative practitioner who always finds effective and innovative methods of working in even the most complex situations. She is an inspiration to her colleagues - one described her as 'A treasure to be nurtured.'

Di Lawrence - Drug and Alcohol Manager, Christchurch City Mission

Annie is an experienced therapist who is a life line in often troubled waters - a steady force that walks with you for as long as necessary."

Mari Hall - Founder and Director, International Association of Reiki

I am the Consultant Psychiatrist for the Falmouth area, where the service is largely based in the community.
Annie Davies was attached to the unit for a number of months as a locum Occupational Therapist and during that time I became increasingly impressed by her abilities and would have liked to have her as a permanent member of staff.

I was particularly impressed by her ability as a Counsellor. She offered counseling to a number of my outpatients with excellent results. Several of these patients made dramatic progress and this has been maintained.

I found her to be a warm and caring person who could establish good empathy with both patients and members of staff, she integrated well into our team and her opinions were valued by all.

She has an eclectic range of interests and therapies and although I was unfamiliar with all of them I never found her to be dogmatic nor on any occasion did I find myself questioning her judgment. My conclusion was that she was never partisan but always put the welfare of her patients before any commitment to specific therapeutic approaches or philosophies.

D.W. Macdonald - Consultant Psychiatrist, (1991)

Annie has been one of the most innovative therapists that I've ever encountered. Her ground breaking therapies certainly got me through a very difficult time and helped me resolve, seemingly at a stroke, some issues that I'd been dealing with for three years. Annie reaches the parts other therapists cannot reach!

David Etheridge - Creative Director "Right-Track Studio", conductor of Cotswold Big Band and Crown Phoenix Big Band

I have worked alongside Ms. Annie Davies for over five years in her role as Head Occupational Therapist (Mental Health), in Bath and North East Somerset.

During this period of time Annie has played a key role in bringing a different dimension to mental health services, particularly in the field of meaningful day activities for people with mental health needs.

Annie, as a professional Occupational Therapist has promoted her profession well in terms of the skills that Occupational Therapist can bring to multi-professional and integrated mental health services, but also outside of the statutory sector by involving and working alongside agencies in the independent sector. In this respect Annie is an ardent follower of networking and collaborative and co-operative working to enable service users to benefit from a range of creative activities.

Annie has a vision, the passion and discipline to get things done, especially around social inclusion. Although there have been many challenges and frustrations in respect of changing management structures and organisational responses to those difficulties, Annie is able to still find the capacity to reflect and to hold on to the fact that at the end of the day the service user deserves to have good quality services which actively engages them.

There are many skills which Annie possesses, one has already been alluded too, networking and making things happen, the other which can be considered management skills is in terms of taking an over-view of where staff and other services are at, and trying to 'mix and match' staff resources, including skills and interests, with the needs of delivering a service.

Further Annie has creative skills, including her musical and singing abilities which she is prepared to share with colleagues, service users and the wider community. Annie also appears to have embraced Information Technology and is able to make best use of these in presenting aspects of her work or as a creative form.

A further valuable attribute and quality is Annie's compassion for service users and colleagues, and in particular taking the time to show an interest and concern if people are experiencing difficulties.

In short Annie has the capability of thinking creatively and moving on ideas to make things possible or a reality and this I consider to be of great value in an environment which is often concerned with systems and processes. But also Annie is open to ideas from others and I have welcomed this, as it has meant some of my own thoughts and those of others about service delivery, improvement and development have had an ally.

R. A. Bevan - Supported Living Team Manager - February, 2006

Annie first became known to me around five years ago in her current role as Lead Occupational Therapist. We had many meetings to discuss partnership arrangements promoting courses for service users with enduring mental health issues. Many of Annie's ideas came to fruition and continue at the college or in off site provision today. These courses include Literacy and Art and Arts Workshops. Many students have progressed from these discreet courses onto other courses at the college, such as the Higher National Diploma in Fine Art. This is impressive given the nature of the client's significant needs.

Annie has championed the ethos for equality and diversity throughout her working practice. Annie has been a mentor to people joining the profession and through her example has shown others the way forward.

I have always been impressed with Annie's zest for life expressed through her eloquence, bright clothes and her musical talents. Annie gives her time freely to events and to out of hours meetings never failing to give energy and focus to any gathering.

Ros Stoddard - Lecturer in Skills for Life Courses. City of Bath College (2006)

Annie is a wonderful, colourful character, with a long and varied career. This brings wisdom and breadth to her practice as a leader in her field within mental health care today.

I have known her well for the past four years, initially as her Professional Lead, and more recently as a friend and part time mentor.

She is a conscious worker who is keen to keep up to date with both policy and effective evidence based practice. She has a natural ability to champion the thinking around both recovery and socially inclusive ways of developing services. This she has proven last year when she successfully worked with North East Somerset Arts to set up and support the running of the Creative Links project. This forms part of her portfolio of evidence, as it was both written up and reported at the College of Occupational Therapist Annual conference in 2004.

She has lots of experience in complementary therapies- and is currently- through her own initiative, employing a Tai Chi practitioner to work on the in-patient wards. This is creative within the current climate, both in looking to seek solutions to the crisis in in-patient staffing, but also supplying a healing activity into these places.

Her IT skills are excellent- she is a fantastic photographer and documents many of her adventures on digital photography. Some of these she turns into Annie's Heartfelt notes- a typically Annie touch, which is so welcomed in times of challenge.

Sarah Joy Boldison - National Institute for Mental Health - South West England and Bath University. (2006)

I have known Annie Davies for 4 years in my role as Director of nesa, the principal arts development agency for Bath & North East Somerset. I have worked closely with Annie and other partners to develop and establish a successful arts project, Creative Links, which uses the arts to assist the re-integration of people with mental health challenges into mainstream education and training opportunities.

Annie's very special skills and abilities have been a major factor in the success of this unique project. She is a woman of vision and drive who is prepared to seize and create opportunities to improve local mental health services. She is deeply committed to a holistic approach to working with people with mental health challenges and endlessly strives to widen the range of opportunities open to her clients

Annie is perceptive and highly intelligent and astutely identified weaknesses in the provision of local mental health services. Her strategy has been to work with others to improve these services through a joined up approach. Not only has she championed the Creative Links Project but has set up a wide range of new partnership projects that have drawn down new resources and she has single handedly established a new network for organisations working locally in the field of mental health. Through her own passion and commitment she is able to motivate and enthuse others to join her in partnership initiatives and to support them through the many difficulties that always surround partnership projects. She is a great team worker, able to listen as well as suggest, support as well as drive. Annie responds positively to challenges and always finds creative ways of resolving problems.

Annie has played a vital role within the Creative Links project by encouraging her clients to take part, persuading her staff to adapt to new ways of working, working alongside the artists to support her clients through the process and ensuring that the necessary monitoring and evaluation has taken place.

Annie is honest, hard working and deeply committed to the work she does. She has been immensely supportive to nesa, the Creative Links Project and the project's staff.

Caroline Green - Director, nesa, (2006)

Annie has so many excellent qualities that it is difficult to know where to start! But apart from being a very talented Jazz singer & saxophonist, as well as a very skilled therapist in healing of the mind and soul, but she's also just the most wonderful person....in every way! Despite all that life throws at her, she miraculously bounces back with even more vigour for life than ever. And I know that whatever she turns her hand to, she will always give it maximum effort and dedication, and she will not rest until the job is done. Annie, a truly remarkable woman!

Recommendation from Linked-in:
Service Category: Jazz Musician & Therapist
Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Robert Jackson - Sachers Restaurant in Leamington

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